Ukraine Army Is Using ‘Terminator Drones’ to ‘Scare Russians’ Into Retreat | Newsweek

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Shutterstock / Contributor Usa-Pyon

A Ukrainian advisor to President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced that the Ukrainian military is employing the use of so called “Terminator Drones”

This clever, creative solution that our soldiers have found not to waste ammunition, not to waste artillery shells [is] … take a commercial drone, with a camera, and camouflage it to look like something out of the worst Terminator movie,” said Novikov

The advisor noted that when Russians spot a Skynet drone, they run back to base out of fear, which in turn leads Ukrainian intelligence directly to the larger Russian position.

 Where do you run to? You run to your mama. Because you don’t have your mama, you run to your base. And that way, they lead us to their bases and no camouflage works against that, and then our artillery just shoots at the base … And we don’t waste any shells.”



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