Air Force positions autonomous drones, networked weapon systems as top priorities | FedScoop

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Shutterstock / Contributor sibsky2016

Skyborg is an Air Force initiative that intends to allow unmanned systems to act as robotic wingmen for human aircraft. The Autonomy Core System was validated last year during large-scale Orange Flag exercises using General Atomics’ MQ-20 Avenger drones. Last May, the program completed the previous flight tests of Collaborative Small Diameter Bombs at New Mexico’s White Sands Missile Range. 

Air Dominance Systems of the Future will comprise a sixth-generation fighter plane and unmanned platforms. The human aircraft would serve as “essentially a play-caller” for the combat drones, much as a football coach would for his team. Kendall said that the bulk of US combat aircraft sent to the Indo-Pacific region in the future should be unmanned.  Source:


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