How to Keep Your Enterprise Safe From Digital Supply Chain Attacks | Dark Reading

Shutterstock / Illustration Contributor Sergey Nivens

Determine whether external assets exist inside your organization and take measures to tighten control. 

For the first time, digital supply chain hacks pose a danger to the business continuity of massive organizations. 50-third parties carry out 60% of all cyberattacks, and digital supply chains represent the fastest-growing attack surface for most businesses. Enterprises must develop a proactive threat prevention approach and address vulnerabilities before catastrophic security breaches. 

You can’t defend what you can’t see; therefore, proactively investigate the environment. Locate and map all externally exposed assets, including those added via shadow IT solutions known, unknown, and orphaned. 

Consider the uncontrolled assets that make up your digital supply chain, regardless of how downstream they are. Evaluate whether external assets, if any, are susceptible, how they might be exploited, and the degree of the danger they offer. What was safe yesterday could no longer be safe tomorrow. 

A breach anywhere along the digital supply chain may quickly endanger services, users, customers, and your company’s reputation. Organizations must take a proactive approach to fix any external attack surface vulnerabilities. As part of any merger, acquisition, or divestment, it is essential to understand the risk signature of newly acquired or recently disposed digital assets. 



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