‘Beam Me Up:’ Nation’s First Quantum Drone Provides Unrivaled Security | FAU

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A team of experts has successfully constructed a quantum network that is entirely unhackable and intends to enhance cell phone, drone, and satellite connectivity. 

Using minuscule particles of light or “beams,” quantum teleportation technology brings “hack-proof” cybersecurity to new heights. Warner A. Miller, Ph.D., of Florida Atlantic University, is spearheading efforts to provide the first drone-based, transportable quantum network. The network consists of a ground station, drones, lasers, and fiber optics to exchange quantum-secured information. 

Quantum distribution offers a safe means of transferring information between participants to ensure confidentiality. This phenomenon includes a pair of light particles or photons formed in an indeterminate yet correlated manner. 

Measuring one instantly decides the outcome of measuring the other, even though a considerable distance separates them. He states, “Whoever wins the quantum race will win the battle.” 

Source: https://www.fau.edu/newsdesk/articles/quantum-drone-security  


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