Machine learning enhances non-verbal communication in online classrooms | Tach Xplore

Nonverbal communication, including facial emotion and body motions, is crucial in a music classroom for keeping students on target, coordinating musical flow, and communicating improvisational concepts. Sadly, in the online world, when you don’t share the same physical area, this non-verbal part of teaching and learning is greatly hampered. To address the issue, Dubnov and Ph.D. student Ross Greer recently published a conference paper on a program that utilizes eye tracking and machine learning to enable a teacher to have ‘eye contact’ with individual students or performers in multiple places to let every learner know when he or she is the teacher’s focus of attention. When the system detects a shift in the teacher’s gaze, the algorithm calculates the student’s identification and displays their name on the monitor so that everyone knows who the lecturer is looking at.



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