For Tesla, Facebook and Others, AI’s Flaws Are Getting Harder to Ignore | Bloomberg

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Vitaliy Karimov/Shutterstock

Both Facebook and Tesla are dealing with issues that originate with the faith they have put in different artificial intelligence technologies. While the algorithms at Facebook do a decent job of spotting nudity and terrorist related posts, they still have a long way to go when it comes to stopping misinformation. The problem is there are easy ways of avoiding detection in a lot of cases. For example typing “va((ine” will avoid detection by the algorithm or posting pictures of empty gun cases with the intention of selling what would go inside. Elon Musk once promised that by 2020 Tesla cars would be fully autonomous, currently, Tesla charges users $10k for software that can park the car, change langes, or drive on the highway but still a long way from fully autonomous.



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