Here’s Why This New Mysterious Air Force Drone Contract Is A Big Deal | The Drive


As part of the clandestine Off-Board Sensing Station program or OBSS, the US Air Force has granted drone firm Kratos a contract to design and pilot tests an unmanned aircraft. The OBSS program’s specifics are insufficient, but it has a strong, overriding emphasis on affordability. There are signs that this is part of a broader shift in the Air Force’s attitude toward so-called “attritable” platforms, which Kratos has previously stated that it is well equipped for on the design and production fronts. Kratos was given the OBSS contract by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) late yesterday, according to a daily contracting notice released by the Pentagon. The deal has a basic value of slightly under $17.7 million, with an extra option worth $31.4 million if exercised. 



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