Tucson Police Helicopter Chased Eerily Similar Craft Five Years Before Recent Mystery Drone Incident | The Drive

Dennis Swena/Shutterstock

In the skies over Tucson, Arizona, in February 2021, a Customs and Border Protection aircraft came upon a perplexingly powerful drone that could operate like no other unmanned aircraft the aircrew had ever seen. That helicopter requested backup from a Tucson Police Department chopper, but the unmanned aircraft was able to outpace both of them. The object has yet to be recognized. However, it appears to be a big quadcopter-like platform with a single softly lighted green position light. The two flight crews that followed the unmanned plane stated it was extremely agile, had a long endurance, and had a high flight ceiling. All of this, along with an incredible level of situational awareness, allowed it to effectively fly circles around both seasoned helicopter crews. 

Source: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/43170/helicopter-chased-eerily-similar-craft-five-years-before-recent-tucson-mystery-drone-incident 


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