2021 was the year cybersecurity became everyone’s problem | Axios

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The threat of a cyber incursion was formerly mainly a problem of IT executives, but it is now a primary concern for CEOs and global leaders. Indeed, a spike in nation-state strikes and malware sparked a turning point for harmful cyberattacks on computer networks this year. The surge in cybercrime has made negotiation among sovereign nations more difficult. Even for countries with severe wars, there has remained a relatively defined line that works as a deterrent when it comes to physical attacks. The distinction online, on the other hand, is murkier. Many argue that this needs a global consensus on what is and isn’t permitted, similar to how the Geneva Convention limits traditional warfare. 

Source: https://www.axios.com/2021-cybersecurity-ransomware-cyber-attack-91ccc592-b611-4825-8e0a-65e37d06a450.html 


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