Drones Take Center Stage in U.S.-China War on Data Harvesting | Bloomberg

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Carson Miller, an Indiana college student with 80,000 YouTube subscribers, does not appear to be an unknowing instrument of Chinese espionage in his youtube videos of the latest drone designs. Hundreds of other Americans who buy drones from Shenzhen-based SZ DJI Technology Co., the global highest manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles, are increasingly being recognized in this light by the US.

Miller, who purchased his first DJI model for $500 in 2016 and now owns six, demonstrates why the business controls more than half of the drone industry in the United States. Critics of DJI claim the company is sending torrents of sensitive data to Chinese intelligence agencies, ranging from essential infrastructures such as railroads and reservoirs to private information like pulse rate and face recognition. 

Source: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-12-19/drone-wars-us-china-fight-over-big-data-shifts-from-tiktok-wechat-to-the-sky 


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