Ukraine accuses Russia of information warfare after ‘neo-Nazi’ arrests | Reuters

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On Monday, Russia’s domestic intelligence service was condemned of cyber espionage by its Ukrainian equivalent after it announced the detention of 106 sympathizers of a Ukrainian neo-Nazi youth ministry for plotting assaults and mass killings. The event occurred at a time when tensions between the two nations were at an all-time high, with Ukraine warning of a potential Russian invasion and Moscow denouncing any such plans. The Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia announced that it had conducted searches in 37 of the country’s more than 80 districts, with two of those detained planning attacks on educational facilities. The suspected group was recognized by the FSB as the MKU, which stood for “Maniacs. Cult of Murder,” according to Russian media. As per the FSB, the group was formed by a Ukrainian with the support of Ukraine’s intelligence community. 



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