Are robots coming for our jobs in San Francisco? | San Fransisco Examiner

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Only approximately 5% of employment can be entirely automated, according to a widely referenced 2017 research from the McKinsey Global Institute. However, by 2030, 30 percent of work in 60% of professions will be automated. Academic studies have predicted a bleak future. According to research published in 2020 by MIT and Boston University, as many as 2 million industrial jobs might be automated by 2025. Price reading, cash tallying, and basic phone conversations are all good candidates for automation, which may have a significant impact on commercial, restaurant services, and customer support professions. However, economist Zheng Liu sees the process as a two-phased one. First, as robots become more affordable, he claims, they will gradually take over more duties presently performed by humans. Then, at least initially, the productivity of these businesses will rise, prompting them to hire additional employees. 



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