Artificial Intelligence

Quick Study: Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Bias | Information Week

The ethics of artificial intelligence is a developing issue that CIOs must address by considering the human worth of their robots. 

Quick Study contains several InformationWeek articles on AI ethics and prejudice. There are approaches to building and deploying AI ethically, but they need careful consideration of how your business will use AI. What are excellent and poor ethical strategies? AI specialists and companies that have achieved success with AI provide guidance. How can we restore the magic to AI? 

Examine these articles to learn why corporations need an AI ethical approach. According to PwC, CIOs must implement mechanisms to infuse ethics into their AI systems. A board of ethics is one approach to guarantee that these ideals are included in product development, and internal data use. IT teams must collaborate with managers who supervise data scientists, engineers, and analysts to provide intervention points to supplement model ensemble methodologies. 


Cyber Security

How to Keep Your Enterprise Safe From Digital Supply Chain Attacks | Dark Reading

Determine whether external assets exist inside your organization and take measures to tighten control. 

For the first time, digital supply chain hacks pose a danger to the business continuity of massive organizations. 50-third parties carry out 60% of all cyberattacks, and digital supply chains represent the fastest-growing attack surface for most businesses. Enterprises must develop a proactive threat prevention approach and address vulnerabilities before catastrophic security breaches. 

You can’t defend what you can’t see; therefore, proactively investigate the environment. Locate and map all externally exposed assets, including those added via shadow IT solutions known, unknown, and orphaned. 

Consider the uncontrolled assets that make up your digital supply chain, regardless of how downstream they are. Evaluate whether external assets, if any, are susceptible, how they might be exploited, and the degree of the danger they offer. What was safe yesterday could no longer be safe tomorrow. 

A breach anywhere along the digital supply chain may quickly endanger services, users, customers, and your company’s reputation. Organizations must take a proactive approach to fix any external attack surface vulnerabilities. As part of any merger, acquisition, or divestment, it is essential to understand the risk signature of newly acquired or recently disposed digital assets. 



‘Beam Me Up:’ Nation’s First Quantum Drone Provides Unrivaled Security | FAU

A team of experts has successfully constructed a quantum network that is entirely unhackable and intends to enhance cell phone, drone, and satellite connectivity. 

Using minuscule particles of light or “beams,” quantum teleportation technology brings “hack-proof” cybersecurity to new heights. Warner A. Miller, Ph.D., of Florida Atlantic University, is spearheading efforts to provide the first drone-based, transportable quantum network. The network consists of a ground station, drones, lasers, and fiber optics to exchange quantum-secured information. 

Quantum distribution offers a safe means of transferring information between participants to ensure confidentiality. This phenomenon includes a pair of light particles or photons formed in an indeterminate yet correlated manner. 

Measuring one instantly decides the outcome of measuring the other, even though a considerable distance separates them. He states, “Whoever wins the quantum race will win the battle.” 



After Bloodhunt, where do battle royale games go next? | Games Radar

Bloodhunt from Vampire: The Masquerade has made me consider the present condition of Battle Royale. Because it’s a gothic vampire game with intricate mythology and themes that involves dashing around a large map and killing people while, for some reason, the playing area shrinks around you. Fun, to be sure, but it seems that the distinct individuality of the Vampire series is striving to conform to the battle royale genre norm. 

Since the 2017 release of PUBG: Battlegrounds, which popularized the last-person-standing genre, there has been no significant shift or progress in what consumers anticipate from the genre. Fall Guys began beautifully but has subsequently declined, Naraka Bladepoint never reached its early peak, and Bloodhunt has not yet persuaded me of its durability moving forward. 

Fallout 76 attempted a battle royale mode, but so few people participated that Bethesda quietly disabled it. Shaking up a major online game is a monumental effort, and just adding new features is not a guarantee of success. A distinctive selling proposition is essential, but you must also offer frequent twists, or you risk becoming yesterday’s news. Expect more prominent franchises to release BR spin-off games. The more established the series, the less likely it is that the game will take a chance on innovative gameplay, relying instead on brand awareness. 

Bloodhunt is adorable, entertaining, and gruesome in all the right ways, but I fear its originality will not persist. As opposed to radically altering the essential experience, I believe we will see more established large brands depending on bizarre gimmicks that lean on it. The entertainment industry’s age-old paradox: attempting to stand different while being identical to everyone else. If battle royale games want to avoid this, they must demonstrate a willingness to experiment. 


Information Warfare

Russian Killnet cyber-attacks begin on Italian-linked businesses | IT Pro

The Killnet Group hacked the Italian Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), the cyber security arm of Italy’s law enforcement. 

The Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) of Italy has issued a warning to public and private sector organizations about the increased danger of cyber assaults. The CSIRT Italy traced the 11-21 May 2022 cyber strikes against Italian organizations to the hackers in the issue. 

According to the information presented, the pro-Russian Killnet gang may be the hackers suspected to be targeting the nation. CSIRT Italy has provided recommendations to any organizations susceptible to cyber assaults from Killnet. The organization is notorious for making misleading claims regarding its alleged achievements. Most recently, it claimed to have obtained an authentic duplicate of Jens Stoltenberg’s passport, the secretary-general of NATO.